Redefine your processes to generate growth and improve customer experience.

Our Solutions

Machine Learning solutions for demand planning and supply chain management can greatly reduce wastage and storage costs. NLP solutions help retailers to better understand the customer needs and rightly placing their product promotions, making pricing decisions, driving customer retention and increasing lifetime value.

Marketing Analytics

  • Marketing Mix Modelling
  • Marketing Channel Analysis
  • Conversion Rate Analysis
  • Promotion Analysis

Product Analytics

  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Product Bundling Strategy
  • Product Profitability Analysis

Customer Behaviour Analysis

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Spend Pattern Analysis
  • Life-time Value Analysis
  • Product Propensity Modelling

Sales Analytics

  • Seasonality Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Incentive Optimisation

Merchandising Analytics

  • Storefront Layout Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Mark-down Optimisation
  • Demand Forecasting

Customer Lifecycle Management

  • Need Assessment and Acquisition
  • Development and Personalization
  • Leveraging Customer Equity
  • Customer Retention

Case Studies

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Optimize promotions to improve traffic, conversation rates and marginsby 5%

We merge historical click-stream data along with CRM data to understand customer profiles and build statistical models that help create A/B tests. With experimental design, the optimal combination of parameters is recommended that boost traffic, conversation rates and revenue. With the newly developed promotion strategy, the retailer can improve their KPIs (visits, bounce rates, conversation rates, revenue) by at least 5% with the same budget.